Wednesday, July 24, 2013


I'm lost here since my last post. Haha... great to come back & sharevmy recipe.  Yesterday, I cooked my kids favourite " Nasi Lemak" . This was my 2nd attempt. It turns out great. This time served with Chicken Rendang instead of sambal.

Here you go with my own agak-agak recipe but nice o..... heehee.

Rice :
• 3 1/2 cup rice, washed
• 400ml coconut milk
•1 1/2 tsp salt
•8 pieces pandan leaf

1. Put all ingredients in a steamer tray. Add in water until the you reach the level ( just follow the level you cook rice)
2. Steam at high heat for 25 minutes, remove from heat & leave to stand for 15 minutes.
3. Fluff up with chopsticks.

Chicken Rendang :
• 10 pips garlic
• 20 shallots
• 15 dried chillies
• 3 red chillies
• 2cm thick galangal
• 3cm thick turmeric
• 3cm thick ginger
• 4 stalks lemongrass, sliced

• 200ml thick coconut milk
• 4 drumsticks
• 150 ml water
• 3 pieces dried tamarind slices
• 2 pieces turmeric leaf, knotted
• 6 pieces 枫杆叶
• 2tsp salt or to taste
• 1 tbsp gula Melaka

1. Heat up 3 tbsp oil, add grounded spices & stir-fry till fragrant, slowly add in some thick coconut milk during stir-fry to prevent it from getting too dry.
2. Add in chicken & stir-fry till aromatic.  Add water, tamarind slices & bring to boil. Covered & cook with low heat until chicken ia tender. ( about 45 minutes, stir in between)
3. Add in turmeric leaf,枫杆叶, salt, gula melaka & remaining coconut milk. Bring to boil & serve or cook till the gravy is dry.

DONE!!! Serve with nasi lemak rice or plain rice! Superb....

Hope you like it... Have A Nice Day!