Wednesday, May 25, 2011


What's my breakfast for this morning? It was Mango Swissroll. Yummy :D I'm using the same recipe, i just add 1/2 tsp mango essence into the egg yolk batter. Added too many mangoes flesh here, it seems difficult to roll it tight & nice. Hehehe :P But i taste very nice. Those mangoes are soooooo.... juicy & sweet. Tq my dear neighbour for the mangoes. But i still left some, what can i do with them?


Last week i received an order. She requested for Iphone cupcakes. These was my 1st attempt. Love it so much.

I did it simple for the logos.

For the flavor, she wants in mango flavor. I baked butter cupcake with mango puree inside.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Today is my son's birthday. He requested an ultraman cake with chocolate flavour & he wants it colourful. Hahaha...

Moulded a short & fat ultraman :P I'm not happy with the work. Sigh... I'm still not good in figurine. Hope i can do it better next time.

Happy Birthday My Dear