Saturday, July 17, 2010


A new theme .... GOLF! Did a nicer & neat work compared with last few projects! Thanks a billion to my dear friend, Connie for giving me this opportunity to make this cuppies to her FIL :D

Like the gloves sooooo much... how about you ?

Hahaha..... a golf bag.... cute?

Like the cap too..... OMG so CUTE!!!!

This is so so only.... can you see where is my mistake of this blouse??? hahahaa

And TQ too for ordering this Baked Lemon Cheesecake . Her family's favourite CHEESE !

I'm using the same recipe from my older post . I just changed the brownie layer to crushed digestive biscuits base. Then with lemon topping :D CHEERS!!


  1. Wah Janice you very geng leh! I love the gloves & the golf shirt! Keep the good work. You are on your way to opening a bakery!

  2. TQ Bee Bee :D I love the gloves too!!! Will keep it up!!!! Another theme coming soon... hope that i manage to do it neatly!!! hahaaa....still hv a long long way ( maybe 10yrs+ ) to open a bakery shop! :P