Friday, October 25, 2013


Final exam was over!!!! Yeah.... I can put away the BIG stone :-) So stress during the month.  Made a pumpkin bread to brighten up my day!

Saw nice pumpkin selling at the market. I just bought some & decided to bake a pumpkin bread.  I don't have any pumpkin bread recipe, so I just added mashed pumpkin to the Hokkaido Milk Toast recipe.

It turned out great... super soft till it can't stand properly on the wire rack. So I inverted the bread. Haha....  :D  It was hard to slice ( too soft ) & the shape gone too. Haha..... taste yummy!!!!

I added 250g mashed pumpkin into the recipe. Milk reduced to 100ml & added more bread flour ( 300g). But I think I added too much mashed pumpkin & forgot to put in EGG!!! Haiz... Next round, I will put in 150g. Hope the bread can stand after baked. Will adjust the measurements & will post the accurate measurements soon. Heehee...

Have A Nice Day!!!!

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