Sunday, November 28, 2010

Barbie Cake

School holiday just started a week ago, it seems like already 1 month +++ !!!!! hehe :P Cannot relax when my kids at home, very noisy. But i'm looking forward to holidays @ my sister's house & PD. Yippie...

Yesterday was my BIG project day.... haha!!! Did a 1st fondant cake requested by a friend for her daughter's 1st Birthday. At first, i decided to decorate with butter cream or royal icing. At last, i used fondant because lazy to wash ... hehe :P It is a clean, fine & fast work if work with fondant but to me it seems difficult. I still don't know how to cover a cake with fondant. Was not a good result, but at least i tried .... ( abit cracked & not smooth ) hahaha :D

I wrapped barbie's legs with cling wrap to prevent from dirty. It's original barbie, so still can reuse as a toy. ( Expensive ) Hohoho.......

I used 2 bowls to bake the cake, a big & a small. The whole cake i covered with chocolate ganache. There are 4 layers chocolate cake layered with chocolate ganache too. Yum yum :D
Ideas will come when you are decorating. What i want the dress to be, it's totally different. Haha... Once i covered the cake with a pink sheet of fondant, it looks ugly & cracked on 1 side. So i have no choice, i cover it with another piece of white pattern fondant. It looks better.... hehe :P
The cake i baked is not tall enough, so i have to think of something to make it higher, i rolled up the waist with a strip fondant ( new fashion ) haha....
Hahaa.... abit pai seh here.... i follow the cracked line when i decorating the flowers. Luckily it looks great. Hehee....

I'm sooooo glad with the result. Nice?? What do you think??? :P



  1. It's so pretty. How I wish I have such a cake when I was young. Not that I am very old now. Haha.

  2. Hi Anonymous, Thank you so much. Ya,i wish too :D But nowadays, kids will have thier favourite cartoon character's cake on thier special day. So good. Hahaha. :P