Monday, January 31, 2011


Another simple dish wanted to share with you guys, STEAMED FISH WITH CRISPY GARLIC. I found this recipe from 1 of the restaurant i visited. It's taste nice & simple.

My kids & hubby love it so much. My kids love the crispy garlic so much, between they will ask for more fish too. Haha...

Not much ingredients for this, we need only fish ( whatever fish for steaming ). I'm using Siakap. What u need is oil, chopped garlic & soy sauce. Depends on your flavor, how many pips garlic you like. Heat up 1 tbsp or more oil & saute chopped garlic until fragrant & golden brown. Pour crispy garlic together with some oil on fish & add some soy sauce. Serve hot.

Happy Steaming :D

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