Monday, February 28, 2011


Today is my 7th Anniversary :-( We din't celebrate, but i make a cake for my neighbour's son's birthday. Not for me... haha :-( His birthday falls on the same day & also same year as my wedding day. And there is a good news from a friend too... she gave birth to a baby boy this morning. Wow.... another one falls on 28th. Yeah !!

This time is Dinosaur Theme. His son loves dinosaur so much. It's really crack my head while moulding the cute dinosaur.

At first, i want to make the dinosaur to stand.... but failed. Haha... At last make it like a lizard. Wakaka.... cute right? Heehee....

My fondant cake is getting nicer & tidy now. I can see improvement on myself, even though still not prefect. Heehee...

Where to put candles on a fondant cake?? Is this a special & smart place? Hahaha...

Hope You Have Fun With Fondants :D

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