Friday, March 25, 2011


Last week i bought a recipe book "Chinese Buns - 包好吃" is because of the cute faces of baos. Hee hee :P So i also decided to follow the new bao recipe from the book. I failed with the new recipe. It's so weird that the recipe for 300g Pau flour with 5g instant yeast, 5g baking powder, 70g sugar, 3g shortening & 120ml water. I checked every pages... the shortening only 3g, how can it mixs to become a dough? Did anybody bought the book? Somehow, i added 27g shortening, but it already become a rough dough. I threw away the whole portion & clean up. Hahaha...

And finally, today i use my own recipe to make those adorable faces. HWEEE.... Done...

Doraemon : Make a 20g blue dough & 5g white dough separately. Roll both dough with rolling pin into flat sheet, with blue sheet bigger then white sheet.
Wrap with filling, shape into round. Roll out 2 round flat white dough for eyes, stick with sesame seeds, use peg to shape the face lines. Lastly, stick a small red dough as nose.

Hello Kitty : Roll a 20g white dough flat. Wrap with filling. Cut 2 triangle shape from a flat dough as ears. Cut a rectangle shape from a pink flat dough, make it into a ribbon with toothpick. Stick 2 sesame seeds as eyes & a round white dough as nose. Finally, cut out whiskers with scissors.

Calf : Roll out 20g white dough & wrap with filling. Roll & stick a 2-3g flat oval shape brown dough. Use a chopstick to make 2 holes as nose. Cut out 2 square flat brown or black dough as ears. Stick 2 sesame seeds as eyes.

Are they cute? Heehee... they are Doraemon, Hello Kitty, Hedgehog & Calf ( looks like pig rite???) hahaha....

Oink Oink or Moo Moo..... LoL

Hmm... the kitties looked ugly!

How to eat such adorable faces? hahaa.... but kids won't think that... they just eat. But they are more happier while eating cute cute baos instead of plain round normal shape baos. Haha :P

Happy Steaming & Enjoy Your Weekend


  1. Your little pigs look really cute! I'm definitely going to try it soon!

    May I know when do you add in the coloring? Right at the start or after the dough comes together?

  2. Hello Janine :D Thank you for the compliment. Sorry for the uncomplete method. Add colours when the dough comes together n smooth.

  3. hi, i bought the book yesterday because i'm also attracted by the cute bao, didnt realise the recipe doesnt work?, is it typo error that 30g become 3g?

  4. Hi Sem :D welcome to my blog @->-- ya... Maybe is typing error, but in Chinese also printed 3g. They just copy & paste? Hmm... Maybe maybe...Hahaha... :D

  5. Hi,Janice, i checked with other recipe book again for bao, it seems like they used very little shortening too, about 5g.
    Maybe he is right, yet to try.

  6. Hi Sem. Ooh.. Really. But I dunno why it can't mix into a dough. Ok, after u tried, let me know your result. Tq :D

  7. you bought the book already....
    i also not yet try the animal face bao...
    easy to make ma?

  8. Yes, I bought it. Ya.. Is easy but time-consuming :D

  9. Wow! These are so CUTE! So well done! Bravo! :)