Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Hello friends, I'm back with my July projects even though it's August. Hehehe.... This was a gift cupcakes to my friend's son, little Issac. He loves his ginger breadman soft toy so much. He brings along everyway he goes. So her mum asked me to do this for him :D
Just a simple decoration with butter cupcake, hope little Issac loves it.

Another gift here, was a birthday cake for little En Ya's 1st birthday. Finally, she turns 1. Time flies..... :P She is just 1, i think she might not know who is Hello Kitty. But I'm sure she will love it because it's cute. Hahahaa.....

Besides that, I make a cupcake for my dear dear friend's birthday. It's piggy in Angry Birds. Hahaha....

Did all this in 1 whole day. It's wonderful !

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