Friday, September 14, 2012


Last Tuesday, I followed my friends to Lukut to buy fresh fishes. It is a place where the fishermen caught from the sea and sell it. I bought prawns ( used to cooked petai for yesterday nasi lemak ), few types of fishes included 㬵鱼 for today's Yong Tau Fu :-)

Here's my recipe for the filling :
• fish paste ( from 1kg 㬵鱼 )
• 1/2 bowl of 1 tsp salt water
• 200g minced meat
• 3 tsp salt
• some pepper

1. Remove meat from the fish. Add in salt & pepper. Use hand to squeeze while adding the salt water slowly. Squeeze and smash the meat become paste. It takes about 10 minutes.
2. Add in minced meat & mix until well-blended.
3. Now you can start to stuff into tofu pok, tofu, long bean, chilli, eggplant & others.
4. Pan-fry all the stuffed ingredients. Keep aside.

Here's the soup recipe :
• fish bone from the 㬵鱼 ( pan-fry with some oil until fragrant )
• 300-400g Soy bean 黄豆 ( pan-fry without oil until the skin broke )
• 2L water
• fish sauce
• salt

1. Put fish bones, soy beans & water in a pot. Bring to boil & simmer with low fire for 1 hour.
2. Add in fish sauce & salt to taste.
3. Finally, add in all the fried ingredients & boil for 3-5 minutes.

Serve with Meehoon or others noddles :-)


  1. Hi, Janice. How much fish sauce and salt do you add for the quantity stated above?

    1. Hi Trying Recipe, so sorry for the late reply. There were no measurement for the fish sauce n salt. It is just to your preference salty taste. To me, I will add fish sauce 1st, if it taste ok to my taste, then I skip salt. Sometimes ppl don't like too fishy taste, so can just add salt. So sorry for no measurement. Normally, I din't measure during cooking... Everything agak-agak. Heehee.....