Sunday, July 19, 2009


This weekend, my sis and her daughter are here for holiday. We've been trying out a few recipe such as buns and cakes. This is one of the cake.....Green Tea Mousse Cake! Mmm...yummy!
Looks healthy and refreshing right?! Yeah....its 'Green tea', i never try this before as i dun really like the taste of it. But after trying a bite of it....oh my god! i love it!!!
Its so easy to make, as its only leave to chill till harden. All u have to prepare is bake a thin slice of plain sponge and beat up the other green tea mixture. If those prefer chocolate or strawberry, you can always change it.
Anyone who is interested can view @ my sis's blog....
It's worth trying, trust me! Happy Baking!:D

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