Thursday, May 21, 2009


  • 500g cream cheese
  • 80g butter
  • 300g castor sugar
  • 3 medium-size eggs
  • 6 tbsps double cream
  • 120g flour (sifted twice)
  • 1 tsp baking powder (sifted twice)

Coffe mixture(mixed well)

  • 3 tbsps cocoa powder
  • 2 tbsps warm water
  • 2 tbsps coffee essence
  • 1 tbsp coffee granules
  1. Beat cream cheese with butter & sugar until smooth. Add egg 1 at a time,incorporating well, before adding the next egg.
  2. Add double cream & beat mixture for 2 mins. Add sifted ingredients & stir with a wooden spoon until mixture is smooth. Set aside.
  3. Spoon 6 tbsps of coffee mixture into a piping bag.
  4. Divide cheese mixture into 2 portions. Stir in the rest of the coffee mixture to 1 portion so you have a dark coffee cheese mixture.
  5. Spoon half the amount of plain cheese mixture into a greased 23cm square baking tin. Alternate with the dark coffee cheese mixture, & cover with the remaining plain cheese mixture.
  6. Using a chopstick, swirl the cheese mixture in circular motion to give a marbled effect.
  7. Using the coffee mixture in the piping bag, pipe straight lines across the length of the mixture. Then use a skewer to gently pull the chocolate lines down to create 2 rows of swirly design.
  8. Place baking tin into a baking dish filled with hot water that comes up to 3 quarters the sides of the baking tin. Bake for 1 hr or until cake sets. Leave cake to cool in the baking tin before removing.

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