Wednesday, May 19, 2010


My 2nd Baked Chiffon Cake since i was in age 11 .... :D I love & miss my mum's Pandan Chiffon so much! She din't bake it for sooooooo long! Baking this cake is much much more difficult than a normal butter cake....

Yesterday my sis tried to bake
Coffee Chiffon Cake too.... A recipe adapted from Kevin Chai - Chiffon Cake is Done! I prefer pandan instead of coffee, so i did some changes! I changed the 60ml milk to 40ml coconut milk + 20ml pandan juice.

The cake rise & rise.... this picture taken while the baking still left 10 minutes..... I'm so happy with the risen :D

Look..... it's beautiful :D But....... sigh...... after 10 minute inverted, the cake fall out from the mould. So the cake can't stand..... :-( Anybody know what happen????? Is't my new mould???

See..... my cake out of shape!!! hahahaa.... BUT the texture is superb soft!

I will try it again.... Hope i can post a perfect Chiffon Cake soon. GOOD LUCK !


  1. Janice, this happened to me too the previous time I baked Pandan Chiffon. I suggest you baked it longer (maybe about 10 to 15mins more), make sure the chiffon has a good crust before removing from the oven. This crust will hold the cake in the tube pan and let it cool completely inverted and not fall out half way.

  2. Hi Bee Bee.... i tried the 4th time :-( stil the same results!!! This time i baked for a longer time ( extra 10 minutes) but stil the same. Sigh... Is't my mould? This coming friday, i will bring my mould to Reese's hse. We will try it again using my mould :D

  3. Good try after few attempts!